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Coffee, Black tea

[Yamaguchi][FUJIYAMA COFFEE ROASTERS] Drip Coffee 10 bags

RM 89

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Fujiyama Coffee Roasters

Coffee, Black tea

[Yamaguchi][FUJIYAMA COFFEE ROASTERS] Drip Coffee 10 bags

RM 89

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Bring authentic, flavorful coffee to your daily life.

"Fujiyama Coffee Roasters" is a specialty coffee shop run by
a married couple who love Yamaguchi as much as they love coffee.
They have a cafe inside the coffee shop and you can get not only
blended coffee beans but also single-origin coffee beans.

The most popular item is their "Kingyo Chochin Blend" drip coffee. 
Kingyo Chochin is a goldfish lantern, which is Yanai city's signature
traditional craft. Yanai city is located in Yamaguchi prefecture and
it is famous for the annual goldfish lantern festival.

This drip coffee is easy to prepare, all you need is a cup and
hot water. The set contains five drip bags. 

The specialty coffee is all about traceability and transparency in terms of where 
the beans come from and the profile of the coffee.
They are high quality and have well-balanced flavor, 
and there are strict standards and evaluations for the coffee beans
to be categorized as such. 

= Goldfish Lantern Blend - Light =
Blended imagining the red goldfish lantern swimming in the sunny sky.
Delicate yet fruity with a sweet aftertaste.
It'll be a cup to remember. 

= Goldfish Lantern Blend - Robust =
Blended imagining the goldfish lantern lit in the dark of the night.
Earthy, dark roast with pleasant acidity and a sweet aftertaste.
It goes well with milk.

■Set Includes:
Goldfish Lantern Blend - Light 10g x 5 
Goldfish Lantern Blend - Robust 10g x 5
■Ingredient: Roasted Ground Coffee Beans
■Content: 100g
■Weight (Including Packaging): 220g
■Packaged in Yamaguchi, Japan
■Origin: Ethiopia, Kenya, Indonesia
■How to serve: 
1. Put the drip coffee bag on a cup.
2. Prepare about 170 ml of hot water. Slowly pour the hot water over the coffee ground beans. 
3. Wait until there's no more water dripping.  
If the water temperature is high, the flavor will be strong and if it's low,
the flavor will be less intensified. Also, the longer extraction time will add depth to the flavor. 
Making your own favorite cup of coffee by adjusting the steeping time and 
the water temperature is one of the many perks of specialty coffee.  
■Caution: Use within a reasonable time frame once opened. 
■Storage: Avoid high temperature/humidity or direct sunlight.
■Shelf Life (from the manufactured date): 180 days

Item No. V05383999028

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