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Coffee, Black tea

[Nara Fujieda Coffee Roastery] Selected Ground Coffee And Café au Lait Base Set

RM 203

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Fujieda clan

Coffee, Black tea

[Nara Fujieda Coffee Roastery] Selected Ground Coffee And Café au Lait Base Set

RM 203

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With Nara Fujieda Coffee Roastery's over 40 years of experience,
only the high-quality coffee beans are meticulously selected 
and skillfully roasted.

This set includes popular "Fujieda Blend Coffee" and 
"Café au Lait Base".

"Fujieda Blend Coffee" is the most acclaimed among the café owners 
in the 40 years of the roaster's history.
Their tried and true way of roasting brings out the consistent full flavor.

"Café au Lait Base" contains no artificial flavor, preservatives or sugar.
Mix with milk four times the amount of this base for a cup of Café au Lait.

Nara's symbol, a deer is illustrated as a barista on the package/bottle, 
it'll be a cute and elegant gift for your loved ones.

【Fujieda Blend Coffee】Ground Coffee
【Café au Lait Base】Coffee Drink
■Weight: 1350 g
■Weight (Including Packaging): 1638 g
■Made in Nara
【Cuntry of Origin】
・Fujieda Blend Coffee: Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala 
■How to Drink:
【Fujieda Blend Coffee】
1. Warm up a cup and put a coffee filter in the basket
2. Prepare boiling water
3. Measure out the coffee grounds and water
4. Pour the water over the coffee grounds
5. Wait until the coffee is completely brewed, enjoy!
*Recommended amount for a cup of coffee:
  Coffee grounds 8 - 13 g
  Hot water 150 cc
【Café au Lait Base】
Mix with milk four times the amount of the base.
・Fujieda Blend Coffee: Use up the coffee grounds as soon as possible once opened.Do not use wet spoons when taking out the coffee grounds from the package/container.
・Café au Lait Base: Applying pressure or rapid change in temperature may cause the glass bottle to break.
・Sediment may appear at the bottom of the bottle but it doesn't affect the quality.
・Abide by your community's regulations when discarding the glass bottle.
【Fujieda Blend Coffee】Store in an air-tight container, avoid direct sunlight.
【Café au Lait Base】Refrigerate once opened and consume immediately. 
■Shelf Life (from the manufactured date):
・Fujieda Blend Coffee: 365 days
・Café au Lait Base: 180 days
■Manufacturer: Fujieda Coffee Co., Ltd.
■The Organic JAS Certified

■ We can not deliver to the following countries.
  ・ Japan

Item No. V05332999028

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