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Kyoto Ra-Yu Furikake

RM 22

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Maiko Henni ~ Hiy ~


Kyoto Ra-Yu Furikake

RM 22

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A ra-yu based furikake (rice seasoning) made with Kyoto-grown “Kujo green onions”. The umami and spiciness of the ra-yu (spicy oil) is soaked into the roasted sesame, and the juice of green onions spreads in your mouth with every bite

■Ingredients: sesame, red pepper, garlic, salt, vegetable oil, sugar, Kujo onion, soy sauce, starch, seasoning (amino acid etc.), caramel color, sweetener (licorice), eggshell calcium; (contains wheat, soy)

■Content: 80g

■Made in Japan

■How to serve: 

■Precautions: Pour over rice or tofu

■Storing: Store in room temperature

■Manufacturer: Maruya Co., Ltd.


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  ・ Japan

Item No. V03885999028
Jan: 4571201512174

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