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[Hiroshima] Kumanofude Slide-Out 4 Piece Brush Set with Case (Pink)

RM 618

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[Hiroshima] Kumanofude Slide-Out 4 Piece Brush Set with Case (Pink)

RM 618

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Simple yet beautifully designed, Mizuho Brush's high-quality 4 piece makeup brush set.
The elegant pink handles will uplift your mood when applying makeup and 
the handles that can slide in/out along with the caps keep the brushes clean and protected from dust.
The set contains the following:

【Powder Brush】
Made with high-quality goat bristles called Sokouhou.
The soft hair is great for applying face powder and it achieves a natural look.

【Cheek Brush】
Also made with high-quality goat bristles called Sokouhou.
Strategically shaped, it is designed to make applying blush easily. 

【Multi-Purpose Shadow Blend Brush】
The multitasking brush made with pony bristles is tapered for natural blending of eyeshadows.  

【Lip Brush】
Smooth bristles of weasel with flat tip allows precise lining in one attempt. 
The brush comes with a cute charm that moves along as the brush works its magic. 

The set comes with a chic pouch, making it a perfect gift for your friends and family.

■Color: Pink 
■Set Includes: Powder Brush, Cheek Brush, Multi-Purpose Shadow Blend Brush, Lip Brush, Pouch
* The set including the pouch comes in a packaging box. 
【Powder Brush】Length: 17cm (10.3cm when stored) Bristle Length: 4cm  
【Cheek Brush】Length: 16cm (10.3cm when stored) Bristle Length: 3.2cm  
【Multi-Purpose Shadow Blend Brush】Length: 14cm (10.3cm when stored) Bristle Length: 0.9cm  
【Lip Brush】Length: 13cm (10.3cm when stored) Bristle Length: 1cm  
【Pouch】Opened: 16 x 27.3cm  Closed: 16 x 10.7cm 
【Powder Brush】Bristle: Sokouhou (High-quality Goat Hair)  Handle: Aluminum
【Cheek Brush】Bristle: Ohsenhou (High-quality Goat Hair)  Handle: Aluminum
【Multi-Purpose Shadow Blend Brush】Bristle: Pony Hair  Handle: Aluminum
【Lip Brush】Bristle: Weasel Hair  Handle: Aluminum
【Pouch】Synthetic Leather, Polyester 
■Made in Hiroshima
■Brand: Mizuho Brush
■Manufacturer: MIZUHO CO., LTD. 
■Weight (g) (Product Only): 120
■Weight (g) (Including Packaging): 150

Item No. V05816999028
Jan: 4560360500573

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