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Body care

Belulu Cavi Up Multifunctional Massager - Pink

RM 1,197

4562398234291 In Stock V05139999028
Beautiful Angel

Body care

Belulu Cavi Up Multifunctional Massager - Pink

RM 1,197

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This is a multifunctional electric massager: Cavitation Micro Vibration,

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), RF (radio frequency) heating and Red LED.


The "Cavitation" Micro Vibration can effectively break down your fat tissue with ultrasound

and remove excess cellulite through lymphatic drainage and metabolism.


The "RF" heating function of this massager slowly warms and softens up the fat that sits

under your skin so that it can be dissolved easily and help you lose weight.


In addition, you can build a healthy body with firm muscles

by using the EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) function which stimulates your skin cell.

Also, you can use it anywhere as it comes with a USB charger and an AC adopter.


Belulu Caviup Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. Can I use this product on my face?

A. Only the Red LED can be used on your face.

As the other functions' power and pressure exceed the ideal amount to be used on your face,

use other functions only on your face line and please refrain from using

other functions on the entire face.


Q. How long should I use this product at a time?

A. You can use it on your whole body within 30 minutes at a time.

10 minutes per area is recommended.


Q. How often should I use this product?

A. Only the Red LED can be used every day.

Other functions are recommended to wait at least a day before using again and

keep the usage under three times a week.


Q. When I use this product, should I use some gel (serum)?

A. You don't have to apply any gel when you use Red LED.

When you use other function on dry skin, the massager won't run through smoothly and

it might end up hurting your skin due to frictions.

Therefore, it's recommended to apply an appropriate amount of gel/serum/cream/oil

before using and make sure they won't get into the massager's head.


■Color: Pink

■Set Includes: Massager (281 g), AC Adopter, Instruction

■Material: Stainless Steel, Plastics and others

■Made in Kanagawa

■Brand: belulu

■Manufacturer: Beautiful Angel, Inc.

■Weight(g)(Product Only): 281

■Weight(g)(Including Packaging): 680

■Name of Category: Electric Massager

■How to Use: Turn the power on, select each function and apply it slowly to the areas you'd like to massage.

■Caution: If it doesn't work for your skin, stop using. 

Item No. V05139999028
Jan: 4562398234291

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