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  9. Salah-Raktha Oil Kapha (Ayurvedic Body Oil)

Body care

Salah-Raktha Oil Kapha (Ayurvedic Body Oil)

RM 356

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Sumi Medicine

Body care

Salah-Raktha Oil Kapha (Ayurvedic Body Oil)

RM 356

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For bloating due to lack of exercise.

Bring heat and energy to your body.

Imbalanced, warm and damp Kapha <Rose Mary>



This Ayurvedic oil is for you if :

・You have bloating due to lack of exercise or your work requires long hours of standing.

・You feel heavy and dense inside.

・You have imbalanced Ayurvedic Dosha.

Use this Ayurvedic oil when:

・You feel heavy, a little under the weather.

・You would like to motivate yourself.

・You feel bloated. 

How to Use:

・Put appropriate amount of oil in your palm and then, apply it to the neck,

underarms, legs and feet. Massage to improve lymphatic flow.

・If you rub your hands to warm up the oil, it soaks into your skin well.

・It is more effective after taking a bath.


With this oil, you can experience the Indian traditional medicine "Ayurveda" at home.

Salah-Raktha Oil is for the whole body.

Only the natural herbs and ingredients are used, which makes

this oil Eco-Friendly and gentle to your skin. 


■Ingredients: Sesami Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Fig Extract, Lemon Glass Extract, Indian Gooseberry Extract,

Bakuchiol, Juniper Berry Oil, Ginger Root Oil, Rose Mary Oil, Tocopherol

■Weight: 100ml x 1 Bottle

■Weight (Including Packaging)(g):267

■Licensed Distributor of Cosmetics: Salah-Raktha Oil



■Country of Origin: Japan


・Please make sure you aren't having skin problems before use.

・Stop using this product if any skin problems or the following occurs:

1. Redness, swelling, itching, irritation, spotting, darkening or discoloration of your skin

2. The applied spot of your skin shows the aforementioned symptoms in the sunlight.

*Keep using this product may worsen these symptoms, please consult with a dermatologist.

・Do not apply on the scratched, swollen or red spots of your skin.

・Rinse well if the product gets in the eye.

・Wipe the spout of the bottle after every use to keep clean.

Item No. V04842999028

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