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G-SHOCK / GBA-400-1A9JF 

RM 932

4971850082095 In Stock V05397999028


G-SHOCK / GBA-400-1A9JF 

RM 932

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G-SHOCK's presence in today's culture has now more enhanced through this music-themed model, G'MIX.

You can now link G-SHOCK with specially developed apps through Bluetooth 
and actively enjoy music on the go.

By downloading the apps G-SHOCK+ and G'MIX,
you can enjoy the following three features.

1. Using the rotary switch by the 3 o'clock hour marker, you can control  
your phone's music player, adjust playback settings. You can also tune
your favorite live sounds and songs with the built-in equalizer.

2. You can now search for a song that has caught your attention at the live shows
or anywhere you happen to be, display its song title on the watch.

3. Sounder feature plays a sound on your smartphone you've set beforehand at the timing of your choosing.

Also, the turn*table like disc located by the 9 o'clock hour marker 
shows the connectivity with the smartphone by rotating.

Packed with the latest technology, the new G'MIX's design and its main feature
on music will offer you an incredible experience.

*SEARCH MODE uses SoundHound Inc.'s technology.

●Shock Resistant
●Mineral Glass
●200M Water Resistant
●Case/Bezel Material:Urethane Resin
●Urethane Band
●Mobile link (Linking with a Bluetooth® SMART device via wireless connection)
●Airplane Mode
●Hand shift feature (hands move out of the digital display)
●World Time:(35 TZ + 100 cities + UTC, City Name Display, Daylight Saving)
●Stopwatch (1/100 second, Measuring Capacity:999:59'59.99'', split time)
●Timer (Measuring Unit:1 second/Input Range: 1 second to 100 hours/
  1-minute increments and 1-hour increments)
●4 daily alarms or one-time alarms and 1 Snooze Alarm/Hourly Time Signal
●Low Battery Warning
●Full Auto-Calendar
●12/24 Hour Formats
●Button Tone On/Off
●LED Light(Super illuminator, Auto LED Light with Afterglow 1.5/3 seconds)
●Flash Alert (Flashes for alarms, hourly time signal, countdown timer's time up alarm)
●Accuracy: +/- approx. 15 seconds per month
●Battery Life: approx. 2 years (depends on the usage)
・Mobile Link: 2 hours a day
・Light: 1 time (1.5 seconds)/day
・Alarm:10 seconds/day
●LED: White

■Set Includes: Timepiece (Watch), Manual, Packaging Box
■Color: Black
■Size:【Face】H5.5cm x W5.19cm x D1.83cm (not including the band)
■Material: Urethane Resign
■Made in Japan(Some products are made in Thailand or China)
■Brand: G-SHOCK
■Manufacturer: CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD
■Weight (g)(Product Only):66
■Weight (g)(Including Packaging):196
■Direction: Read the enclosed manual before use.
For manuals in different languages, visit G-Shock's official site below,
select a country, click "Timepieces (watches)" and go to "Manual Download".
Type "5413" as Module Number and click "Search".

NOTE: One-year warranty is provided by the manufacturer in Japan. 
In case of repairs, you will be required to send the watch to 
Japan and the shipping fee is not covered by the warranty. 
If you are to have the watch repaired at Casio's authorized
dealers outside Japan, the cost will not be free of charge even during
the one-year period. 

●One Lithium Battery Included
●Warranty Valid in Japan

Item No. V05397999028
Jan: 4971850082095

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