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Hoga-Cho Paper Cover with Plant Dyeing

RM 83

In Stock V04379999028
Noto Noriyuki Washi


Hoga-Cho Paper Cover with Plant Dyeing

RM 83

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This is a "hoga cho" which is used a Japanese paper "Notonigyowashi".

"Notonigyowashi" is know as the only hand-made Japanese paper in Noto peninsula, used natural bamboo and cryptomeria bark, and "Hoga cho" is a notebook that is recorded the amounts of collected donations.



The cover has a natural look of plant dyeing, and a drawing paper which is usually used for painting and calligraphy, called "gasenshi" is used for the inside. Enjoy the traditional Japanese style notebook.



Materials: hand-made Japanese paper, drawing paper

Place of production: Wajima city, Ishikawa prefecture

Name of brand: Notonigyowashi

Color: Indigo, chestnut-color

Size details: 18 cm x 24 cm

Weight (g)(item only): 120

Weight (g)(incl. packaging): 240

Handling precautions: Avoid high humidity

Item No. V04379999028

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