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  9. Yanagi Sori Punching Strainer 23cm


Yanagi Sori Punching Strainer 23cm

RM 122

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Yanagi Sori


Yanagi Sori Punching Strainer 23cm

RM 122

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This strainer reflects opinions of many cooks and housewives that are involved in cooking on a daily basis. This clog-free strainer is made of steel and ensures cleanliness. Even if it deteriorates, it will not fray. This size is convenient for anything. It can also be used with a bowl.

■Material: 18-8 stainless steel
■Made in Tsubame, Niigata Prefecture
■Brand Name: Sori Yanagi
■Size Details (approx.): diameter 238 x H86 (mm)
■Item Weight (approx.): 184g
■Weight (including packaging materials): 234g


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  ・ Taiwan

Item No. V00837999028
Jan: 4905689312122

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