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  9. Brown Stacking Rectangular Tray 36cm


Brown Stacking Rectangular Tray 36cm

RM 174

In Stock V00532999028


Brown Stacking Rectangular Tray 36cm

RM 174

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A versatile tray for dishes, made from a hinoki frame and a Japanese lime tree plywood bottom. 

Materials: Frame - Hinoki, Bottom - Japanese Limetree Plywood

Made in Wakayama

Manufacturer: Kiyobeē


- Cannot be used in microwave or oven.

- Do not use if the product is cracked.

- Avoid direct sunlight as it may lead to deformation or discoloration of the product.

- Avoid washing with dish soap that contains polisher compounds.

Colour: Brown

Size: 36cm x 25cm x 2cm

Weight: 240g


- Delivery may delay when the product is out of stock.

Item No. V00532999028

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