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Storage, Organization

TOBI co BACO 5 Piece Chest Jewelry/Storage Box

RM 265

In Stock V05947999028

Storage, Organization

TOBI co BACO 5 Piece Chest Jewelry/Storage Box

RM 265

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TOBI co BACO 5 Piece Chest Jewelry/Storage Box

This jewelry/storage box is made to look exactly
like Tobibaco, a Japanese gym class staple.

From assembling to attaching the canvas fabric, true craftmanship shines in every step of creating this item. 

Perfect for storing jewelry, keys, anything you desire.

■Set Includes:Jewelry/Storage Box (5 Piece) x 1
■Size: approx. W135 x D155 x H235mm
■Material:Paulownia Wood, Canvas Fabric, Paulownia Wood Sheet, Studs
■made in Hiroshima, Japan
■Brand:TOBI co BACO
■manufacturer:Toyoda Sangyo Co., Ltd
■Weight (g) (Product Only): 580
■Weight (g) (Including Packaging): 730
・This box is made of paulownia wood and natural materials. Dropping the item or applying excess pressure 
   may result in breakage.
・Canvas part is not removable or washable, be careful with handling the item. 
・Due to the nature of the natural materials used on this item, the shape, color or patterns may vary.

Item No. V05947999028

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