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Home décor

Circular Folding Screen Partition with Flower Stands

RM 2,132

In Stock V03688999028

Home décor

Circular Folding Screen Partition with Flower Stands

RM 2,132

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Limited edition: only 5 available

Traditional Japanese folding screens were more for decorative effect in creating a space with materials and paintings than for practical use dividing a room. Using our 45 years of tea ceremony implement manufacturing technology, we have faithfully reproduced a traditional folding screen in a miniature size that blends in with modern interiors. This is our very own original product, and it may be freely and easily enjoyed as a background to an ornament or flower vase. The lower frame of this two-section round folding screen may be rotated 90 degrees to open a total of 180 degrees.  

Size (mm): W (left) 350mm, (right) 350mm x H 600mm, round flower stand: (right) 190-230mm, (left) 210-265mm  
Weight (product only) (g): 1500
Weight (with packaging) (g): 2800
Materials: (frame, flower stand) Amur cork tree (Hokkaido)
Origin: Okayama Prefecture
Brand: Kamata Yoshundo
May warp or fall over in windy areas or under direct air conditioning.
Do not move with items placed on stand.
Do not use in unstable locations - may cause breakage or injury.

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  ・ Japan

Item No. V03688999028

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