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  9. Seafood Rice Mix for 2 Cups of Rice: Set of 5


Seafood Rice Mix for 2 Cups of Rice: Set of 5

RM 142

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Treasure food


Seafood Rice Mix for 2 Cups of Rice: Set of 5

RM 142

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This is a flavored rice mix (for 2 go-cups [300g] of rice). Just mix into rice and cook for an easy kamameshi rice dish.

Made with beni-zuwai (snow crabs) from the Sea of Japan and scallop mantles and kombu from Hokkaido. It is finished with a Kansai-style lighly seasoned dish that brings out its flavor of the seafood.


■Ingredients: scallop mantles, beni-zuwai (snow crab meat, salt), salt, sugar, refined sake, mirin, kombu kelp, soy sauce, kombu extract/seasoning (amino acid, etc.), sorbit, glycine, antioxidant (vitamin C), (soy beans, wheat, crabs are partially contained for the ingredients)

■Content: 230g x 5 packs

■Content (including packaging): 1510g

■Made in Japan

■How to serve:

①Rinse 2 go-cups (approx. 300g) of rice and drain water.

②Put the rice, and one bag of this product into the rice cooker. Add the adequate amount of water for 2 go-cups of rice. Mix lightly and cook the rice as usual.

③Leave for 10 minutes when it is done, before opening the lid. 

■Precautions: Once opened, finish the whole bag at once.  

■Storing: Store at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight

■Manufacturer: Takara Shokuhin, Co.

#釜めし #釜飯 #炊き込みごはん #炊き込みご飯の素 #釜飯の素 #kamameshi

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Item No. V03666999028

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